Building A More Representative Asset Management Industry

Only 1.3% of the $74T of US assets is managed by diverse and women-led asset management firms. Stronger diversity in capital management drives positive balance in representation and inclusion for a more stable economy.
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Managers is an intensive, high-ownership program dedicated to help aspiring impact-oriented and underrepresented GPs get ready for their first fundraise.


The Diverse Managers Initiative (DMI) is a flexible and comprehensive program designed to help high-performing diverse and female investment professionals become best-in-class business operators.

DMI provides resources so that traditionally underrepresented investors do not have to reinvent the wheel to run a scaled, sustainable firm. Power of capital representative of our demographics is crucial in every level of allocation.

  1. Management firm that is at least 50% diverse or woman-owned, or
  2. Management firm that has an impact-focused investment mandate with at least one diverse or woman owner

First, Technical Assistance

The Foundation team and external Consortium partners will provide various levels of support to your firm. We believe this training is the cornerstone for a successful entry into the asset management business. This is also the best way for us to get to know you before we can offer our other services and introductions.

Team & Firm Mindset

Moderating introspective exercises for your entrepreneurial journey, mission and values, and organizational strategy.

Management Company Strategy

Preparing for success – long term vision and budgeting, finding the right vendors, thinking about GP economics.

Fund Strategy

Assessing your market strategy and providing real-time feedback on how you plan to source, underwrite, manage, and exit.

Branding & Communications

Crafting your narrative and brand, elevator pitch, and digital and design presence for your stakeholders.

Fundraising & IR Preparation

Helping you strategize for LPs that are best for your fund strategy and avoid common pitfalls in institutional IDD/ODD processes.

Reporting and Measurement

Building purposeful data capture for managerial decision-making, future fundraises, and impact measurement.

Based on progress in Technical Assistance and assessment of your firm’s readiness, access to the following additional resources may be available:
Working Capital Line

A minimally-dilutive, L+500bp working capital loan for organizational expenses and start-up costs.

LP Introductions

A platform that curates LPs interested in investing in diverse and women-led first-time / early-stage managers to facilitate efficient fundraising.

GP Commitment Line

A referral-based partnership with an external financing provider to help fulfill your GP commitment.

NOTE: We are not LPs or a seeding platform. The completion of our Technical Assistance programming does not automatically grant you access to our other services.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

If your company is:

50% or more female or diverse-owned

If your company has:

At least one female or underrepresented GP AND has an impact-focused investment mandate


Who are we looking for?

Seasoned, diverse investment professionals who are looking to a) understand steps to establish their own firm and fund, b) raise their first fund, or c) raise subsequent funds as an early-stage firm. DMI defines “diverse” as those that are traditionally underrepresented in the asset management industry - women and those who are Black, Hispanic, Asian (-Pacific and -Indian), and Native American.

See Specific Eligibility Criteria Above
When should I engage with the Foundation?

We prefer to engage with you earlier than later in your firm formation and/or development. Our programming covers considerations as early as when you are contemplating starting your own asset management firm.

I don’t need technical assistance but would like to access the three other offerings. Can I bypass this step?

We require all participants to complete our Technical Assistance (TA) programming. The TA process provides the Foundation with information on your firm and fundraising plans, which serves as a basis for connecting you to our external partners or other resources. Completing our TA programming does not guarantee access to all other resources.

How long should I expect the Technical Assistance process to be?

This will depend on where you are in your journey and your commitment to following the programming.

I filled out the Intake Form. Now what?

Thank you for your submission. We plan to open up our TA programming in Fall 2021 to the eligible participants who filled out the intake form. A Foundation member will reach out for an initial 30-minute meeting in the fall to diagnose areas for development and fundraising-readiness as well as cover any questions you may have on the Foundation’s programming.

How is the program administered?

Certain modules, such as “Partnership and Firm Culture,” are best administered on a one-on-one basis with your firm and will therefore be moderated by a member of the Foundation. Others may be administered in “classroom” settings to facilitate peer learning and feedback. All programming is completed virtually. Note, your participation in our programming will be kept confidential for as long as possible.  

Do you also directly invest in the fund?

No, we are not LPs. We hope to help provide feedback on your fundraising materials, may facilitate working capital loans to bridge your fundraise, and may connect you to friendly LPs experienced in investing in first-time funds and diverse managers.  

Am I ineligible if I already have a first fund?

No - we are open to early-stage/ sub-scale firms (typically up to the third fund).

Can I partner with other programs, organizations, and/or vendors while participating in this program?

Absolutely. We believe in partnerships and maximizing resources – we just ask that you disclose this whenever possible as it may impact how we advise you on various firm and fund matters.

Advise 1,000 diverse and women-led asset managers through technical assistance by 2030
Progress to Date
15 GPs

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We are currently developing our resources to support a larger pool of participants. To participate in the Diverse Managers Initiative in Fall 2021, please fill out the intake form below.